AMIDEBIO is a preclinical stage biotech company pursuing a series of therapeutic targets and diagnostics in the diabetes related metabolic disease space. The companies lead program is focused on novel glucose responsive insulins (GRIs) that will eliminate the need for basal and prandial insulins through a single weekly dose. This program leverages the company’s novel insights, computational design capabilities and strong IP position in rapid manufacturing of ultrapure biologics. Importantly, these novel GRIs do not require complex chemical modifications and respond in real-time to blood glucose levels which is expected to dramatically improve glycemic control and virtually eliminate hypoglycemic events. While AMIDEBIO is focused in bringing a novel GRI to the clinic, we maintain substantial efforts in the development of solution stable glucagon for use in pumps for an artificial pancreas and the treatment of rare diseases such as congenital hyperinsulinism. In addition, we will support our legacy programs including single chain insulin (SCI) analogs that are resistant to thermal and chemical degradation at elevated temperature and early diagnostics for T1D through appropriate partnerships. Finally, the company continues to use our proprietary BioPure™ platform technology to deliver difficult-to-manufacture peptides for the research community in the pursuit of novel treatments for a variety of diseases.

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