AmideBio’s proprietary BioPure technology enables the rapid and economical manufacture of peptides and proteins using a novel recombinant-chemical hybrid process, resulting in fewer batch inconsistencies and less waste generation. From bench-scale milligram to multi-gram scale, the BioPure process is scalable and ideally suited for the manufacture of difficult to produce peptides of any length.

Using the BioPure approach, AmideBio can also rapidly design and manufacture high purity peptides for the development of a robust SAR tree for a customer’s desired target. AmideBio has successfully applied this method for the design and manufacturing of large libraries of therapeutics including insulins, glucagons and toxins.

AmideBio has built a catalog of peptides using its BioPure process ensuring unequaled purity and lack of contaminating side and by-products. While other manufacturers strive to achieve 97% purity, BioPure peptides are consistently >99% purity, providing the cleanest peptide reagents. All peptide products listed are produced under license of U.S. Patent No. 8,796,431 and are for research use only.