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​Headquartered in Boulder, CO with laboratory and production facilities in Louisville, CO, AmideBio is a biotechnology company that is leveraging its proprietary BioPure™ platform technology to deliver difficult-to-manufacture peptides and build a pipeline of novel biotherapeutics.

Conceived at the MCDB University of Colorado in Boulder by professor Michael Stowell, AmideBio's proprietary technology enables the rapid and economical manufacture of pure peptides of any length. This innovative technology combines recombinant and chemical methods, eliminates many of the inefficient and costly steps of processes that rely only on one or the other approach, results in fewer batch inconsistencies and less waste generation. Such advantages offer AmideBio multiple opportunities to offer technology and cost benefits to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

The Company exclusively licensed the platform technology in 2010 from University of Colorado and is aggressively pursuing patent protection for all key improvements, as well as our proprietary peptide therapeutics.
AmideBio Programs, Products and Opportunities:   

  • Pipeline of Novel Therapeutics:
          AmideBio has manufactured a library of single chain insulin (SCI) analogs……(Read more)

  • Discovery Partnerships:
          AmideBio is an ideal peptide drug discovery partner……(Read more)

  • Process Development and Manufacturing Services:
          AmideBio performs process R&D and manufacturing……(Read more)

  • Research Reagents:
          AmideBio uses the BioPure™ process to produce research reagents with unequaled purity……(Read more)