AmideBio is a preclinical stage biotech company pursuing a series of therapeutic targets and diagnostic in the diabetes space. These include ultrastable insulin, glucose sensing insulin, solution stable glucagon and improved diagnostics for juvenile (T1) diabetes. In the diabetes space, a library of single chain insulin (SCI) analogs have been manufactured using a proprietary design protocol optimized for the production of SCI analogs that are resistant to thermal and chemical degradation at elevated temperature while maintaining maximal bioactivity. These novel insulins can address a number of stability issues that limit the growth of existing insulin as a therapy for worldwide markets, including breaking the cold chain, oral delivery, and improvements in insulin pump operation, patches, and increased concentrations above U1000. Similarly, the company has designed and manufactured a library of solution stable glucagon analogues suitable for use in a pump for either an artificial pancreas or for the treatment of the rare disease congenital hyperinsulinism. The company has also recently begun a discovery program for novel forms of glucose sensing insulins that will eliminate the need for both basal and prandial insulins allowing single weekly dosing. In addition the 
company manufactures the worlds highest purity amyloids for the Alzheimer’s research community and is leveraging its proprietary BioPure™ platform technology to deliver other difficult-to-manufacture peptides including proinsulin, toxins, bowman-birk inhibitors and more.

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