Congenital Hyperinsulinism International

AMIDEBIO CTO Dr. Michael Stowell will present a talk titled “Novel Pumpable Glucagons for Treating Hyperinsulinism” at the 2017 International Congenital Hyperinsulinism Conference July 15-16.

Boulder Peptide Symposium

AMIDEBIO CTO Dr. Michael Stowell will present a talk titled “Rapid-Recombinant SAR of Conformation Locked Insulin Analogs” at the 2016 Boulder Peptide Symposium Sept 26-29.

AMIDEBIO launches new website

To better serve our growing customer base AMIDEBIO has launched a new website with improved functionality and a better E-commerce experience.

ADA Meeting New Orleans

AMIDEBIO CTO Dr. Michael Stowell presented a poster at the 76th American Diabetes Association in New Orleans titled “Sparse Matrix Sampling of Anti-Fibrillation Sequence Mutations Yields a Library of Novel Solution Stable Glucagon Analogs Suitable for an Artificial Pancreas.

AMIDEBIO granted U.S. Patent No. 8,796,431

AMIDEBIO has been granted patent protection for novel peptide manufacturing process.

Dr. Michael Stowell, CTO of AMIDEBIO, to Speak at TIDES Conference

Dr. Michael Stowell will present recent data regarding the efficient manufacturing of amyloid peptides.