How does AmideBio determine peptide purity?

We use a combination of HPLC, LC-MS/MS and amino acid analysis

Does AmideBIo make custom peptides?

Yes. AmideBio can custom manufacture peptides from mg to g scale. If you have a specific peptide for manufacturing please use the inquiry form to submit the peptide sequence and quantities required and an AmideBio representative to contact you.

How are AmideBio peptides stored and shipped?

All peptides from AmideBio are stored and shipped as a lyopholized powder.

What buffer should I use for dissolving amyloid peptides?

We recommend either ammonium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. HFIP is sometimes used but has been reported to have biological activity alone.

Can Amidebio make peptides with non-natural amino acids?

Currently AmideBio does not supply peptides with non-natural amino acids. We are exploring the use of amber codon technology for the introduction of non-natural amino acids but currently the efficiency is very low and not economical for most peptide needs.

Does AmideBio offer peptides with c-terminal amides?

AmideBio has developed technology for providing peptides with a c-terminal amide such as enfurvirtide and calcitonin however we do not offer this as a standard service for mg quantities of material. If you require gram scale production of a specific peptide with a c-terminal amide please use the inquiry form with peptide sequence and quantity and a representative will contact you.

Does AmideBio ship internationally?

Yes. We ship products worldwide.

Does AmideBio provide isotopically labeled peptides?

Yes AmideBio can custom produce isotopically labeled peptides. Please submit an inquiry form with the peptide sequence and the isotopes required.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question on the website?

Please submit your question using the inquiry form and an AmideBio representative will contact you.

How does AmideBio ship products?

Within the U.S. we ship FedEx Standard Overnight. All international orders are shiped using FedEx International Priority

Is shipping included in the online listed price?

No. Because shipping costs vary by location, all shipping costs are additional.

How can I place an order?

The most convenient an fastest way to order AmideBio product is is through our online store. If you wish to place an order over the phone you can call directly at 303-604-0296.

How should I store amyloid peptides after reconstitution?

After reconstitution in ammonium hydroxide (recommended), sodium hydroxide, or HFIP it is best to aliquot samples for single use and store at -80°C.  Repeated freeze thawing can result in aggregation and loss of activity.

What is HFIP?

HFIP is Hexafluoroisopropanol a commonly used solvent for dissolving aggregation prone peptides.

Why don’t my A280 measurements match the listed vial quantities?

AmideBio aliquotes peptides based on absorbance at 215 nm using calibrated samples from amino acid analysis. Amyloid peptides have low absorbance at 280 nm and this should not be used to quantify amyloid peptides. For accurate quantitation of amyloid peptides please see the amyloid quantitation method on the application notes page.