AmideBio’s proprietary technology enables the rapid and economical manufacture of pure peptides of any length. This innovative technology combines recombinant and chemical methods, eliminates many of the inefficient and costly steps of peptide manufacturing which results in fewer batch inconsistencies and less waste generation. Such advantages offer AmideBio multiple opportunities to offer technology and cost benefits to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as the ability to produce complex peptides for SAR studies. AmideBio holds patents for the core technology and a number of therapeutics that have been leveraged by this technology.

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Therapeutic Pipeline

AmideBio has leveraged its core manufacturing technology to pursue therapeutic targets that include, ultrastable insulin for patches and pumps, next generation glucose sensing insulin and solution stable glucagon the treatment of rare disease such as congenital hyperinsulinism.

Discovery Partnerships

AmideBio is an ideal peptide drug discovery partner being able to rapidly design and synthesize high purity peptides of >30 amino acids in length. We actively seek partner who can take advantage of AmideBio’s proprietary technology for the production and evaluation of novel or biosimilar peptide candidates.

Manufacturing Services

AmideBio performs process R&D and manufacturing of novel therapeutic peptides for pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. The BioPure™ process can dramatically reduce the cost of manufacturing and improve batch to batch consistencies of peptide therapeutics.