Mikhail “Misha” Plam, Ph.D. President and CEO, AmideBio, LLC. Dr. Plam is a founder of AmideBio, LLC.  Prior to AmideBio Dr. Plam was Founder, President and CEO of BiOptix, commercial provider of a novel Surface Plasmon Resonance-enhanced Common Path Interferometer system platform used for the detection of molecular interactions. In 1994 Dr. Plam founded and served as Chairman, President and CEO of Sievers Instruments, an analytical instrument company acquired by General Electric (NYSE: GE). In 1997, Dr. Plam was selected as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur-of-the-Year (Rocky Mountain Region), was named Entrepreneur of Distinction at Esprit ’97 Boulder (Colorado) and in 2010 he received University of Colorado Serial Startup Entrepreneur Award. In 2011, Dr. Plam received SBA/Tibbets award for propagation of SBIR program in several countries and successful commercialization of technologies. Dr. Plam is a member the Advisory Board at The University of Colorado Center for Entrepreneurship.

Michael H. B Stowell, Ph.D., CTO. Dr. Stowell is a founder of AmideBio, LLC and an Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Stowell has authored a wide range of publications in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, structural biology, neurobiology, and biophysics. Dr. Stowell has received numerous grants and awards including the Beckman Young Investigator Award, a National Institutes of Health – EUREKA award, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Collaborative Innovation Award. Dr. Stowell received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biophysics from the California Institute of Technology and was a visiting Scientist at the MRC – Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, England) and the Biophysics Department of Kyoto University.

Stephen P. Eisenberg, Ph.D. Product Development Director. Dr. Eisenberg received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and did his postdoctoral work at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle as a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell fellow. Dr. Eisenberg has worked in the biotechnology industry for more than 20 years in various research and management positions including Sangamo, BiOptix and Synergen. Dr. Eisenberg has authored numerous scientific publications and is an inventor on more than 20 US patents and patent applications.

Yanyu Peng, M.S., Product Development Manager. Ms. Peng has been with AmideBio since 2010. During this time, she has successfully developed AmideBio proprietary processes for the manufacturing of peptides and proteins. She also manages laboratory operations and oversees product manufacturing. Prior to joining AmideBio, Ms. Peng obtained extensive experiences in molecule/cell biology and drug development at Gilead/ Myogen. Ms. Peng received her M.S. in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Elizabeth Schanuel, B.S.A., Product Development Technician. Ms. Schanuel joined AmideBio in 2012 and has since worked as a research associate and laboratory technician and works in tandem with Ms. Peng in all upstream and downstream product manufacturing processes. Ms. Schanuel has previously worked at the CU Institute of Behavioral Genetics and Iishi Laboratories at CSU. She obtained her BSA at University of Colorado at Boulder.